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Action Rhyme Workshop in Swanirvar with Primary teachers:

        In 2014-15, Swanirvar is giving inputs to 90 Govt Schools and some NGO schools. Our main programme is qualitative, need based, hand held teachers training and TLM workshop. We also are trying to make a strong teachers network with innovative teachers.
Reading, songs and rhymes are a very important for the development of your child.  They not only help with using and understanding words but give you child and interest in these areas. 
Song and rhyme teach us about language and help us to remember stories. Children love songs and rhymes with actions.   This encourages them to be involved in group activities.  In participating we not only learn the song but the actions too; both of which need skill and lots of concentration to put the two together at the some time. Reading, songs and rhymes can be used (especially with older children) as a form of relaxation. But most unfortunately, most of the Govt Primary Teachers have no such orientations. We are trying to organize numbers of workshop on these subjects.
       On 7th and 8th June, 2014 we organized a workshop on ‘Action Rhyme, storytelling and Recitation’ in our main campus at Andharmanik, Baduria. 14 Primary Teachers ( 3 from Tiyas School, Dimond Harbour, 2 teachers from Towards Future, Rajarhat,  2 Teachers from Saisab , Matia and 2 teachers from Prayas , Baduria and 4 others) joined in that workshop.  On 7th June, they had workshop on song, Recitation and proper use of breathing techniques, Pronunciation, Line breaks are a defining feature of poetry. Decide whether a break requires a pause and, if so, how long to pause, etc
Action rhymes by the teachers from Tiyas School
       On 8th June,14 they were given orientations of performing physical actions with rhymes and stories. They were also taught the importance of these actions in classrooms, like
  1. Helps your child learn to recognize words.
  2. Stimulates brain development.
  3. Makes learning fun and interactive.
  4. Encourages early language acquisition.
  5. Gives you an effective tool to stimulate your child.
  6. Teaches reading during the window of opportunity for learning language.
  7. Entertains your child with children, animals, sing-along songs, and poems, etc.

At the end of the day, they teachers performed singing, some action rhymes which they learned in the workshop.
Trainee teachers performed at the end of the workshop

Trainee teachers performed at the end of the workshop

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