Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Training given to the primary school teachers of PRADAN (25-29 Oct, 2010):

PRADAN , one of the leading NGOs working in the district of Purulia, West Bengal requested us to give training to their teachers working in their primary schools. They were looking for some training and met with the coordinator of Shikshamitra(our city based resource cum learning centre). To conduct training we send our trainers for a pre-training visit so that they could assess the need and made necessary arrangements for them. On 23rd September, our trainers, Gopal and Julkalam went to Purulia for a pre training exposure visit and met with some the teachers and also met Ms. Ananya, Project Manager of GOAL ( GOAL had funded PRADAN for that project). They visited 4 primary schools run by PRADAN.
On 25th October, 2010, 28 staff teachers and 1 supervisor of PRADAN came to Swanirvar for 5 days residential Phase-I training. One local Govt. primary teacher and one newly appointed Swanirvar primary teacher joined with them. That phase-I training was based on Mathematics, Bengali, English, Art & Crafts and Environment science for class-I & II.

Day: 1

TLMs made by the trainees

Training session was started with some chorus and interactive games. After that, the trainees expressed their expectations from us. After the tea, the subjective training started- on the 1st day there was session on Mathematics – introduction to numbers, place value, addition and subtraction. In the evening, Prosanta Mondal(Supervisor, Primary Department, Swanirvar) took session on Bengali- aspects of learning language, introduction to letters, sound recognition, framing words from nature.
Day: 2
In day2, trainees got lessons on Mathematics and Bengali. In Math they learnt multiplications and division, problem solving etc. In Bengali session they got ideas on sentence making and framing sentences.
Day: 3
The teachers were divided in three groups and they were taken to our primary schools so that they could see how we were implementing these techniques (which they learnt) in our schools and also to see the class room management. They also made a notes based on their observations.
In the evening, there was a session on English and this session was conducted by the two Govt teachers from our partner Govt. Primary schools.

Govt primary teacher(Chandra Ganguli Mondal) conducting Phase-I English training

Trainee teachers in Swanirvar's school- interacting with student and teachers

Day: 4
It was a day of colour. They learnt how to introduce arts and crafts in the classes. Our staff, Biswanath took session on environment. The trainees made many experiments on basic science. There was a field trip, in which they learnt how to bring the sense of classifications (doing hand held classifications on leaves, animals, trees etc) .
Day: 5
It was just a small session and trainees submitted their next three months planning.

Each day, there was a 2 hrs handheld session/workshops on TLM making. The trainees made a number of TLMs during their training days. Very soon, we will send 2 of our trainers to assess the impacts of the training and also to rectify their problems during implementations in the classroom.

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