Thursday, May 31, 2012


Trainees in the arts & crafts session
       Swanirvar started training and refreshers workshop cum training programmes from 2004. So far we have trainings to more than 1500 primary school teachers. Our clients were Govt. Primary & SSK teachers as well as teachers from different NGO run primary schools. Apart from the training programme we also helped our trainees to make new Teaching learning materials (TLMs) through the TLM workshops and also gave hand-held trainings to them on how to use TLMs in the classroom. We also gave our trainees a new set of TLMs after the successful completion of the trainings and those sets were designed through directly observed experiments and ground level testing.

        On 12th April, 2012 four Swanirvar staff went to the World Vision Schools for a pre-training visit. During our visit we found the following problems of this institution:

 1. Teachers/ volunteers were enthusiastic but they had no trainings.

 2. No lesson plan. Improper Class management.

 3. Most of the parents were not aware about their kids and not at all interested in their studies. Most of them wanted to engage their child as a labour. Etc

        On 4th May, 12 we discussed our observation with them and on 16th May they came to see our school and met with our trainers and teachers. They also met with our administrative officials. It was decided that Swanirvar would gave them a 5 day residential training to the teacher and volunteers.

        The training was started on 21st May, 12 at the training hall of WBVHA Tower, Kolkata. 13 trainees participated in that training programme. They were given on the following items:
  • Pre Primary children: Primary work, Sensorial activities, primary math, cultural activities
  • Primary children: On Bengali: Letters knowing, word making, sentence making, sentence expansion,
  •  On EVS: classification living and non-living, materials that sink in the water and float on the water, nature made and manmade, primary colour to secondary colour, some games
  • On math: number knowing, zero concept, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, Division and problem solving.
  •  On Art& craft: Fruit chain, tree making, circle, plain chain
  • In all the session we taught them how to incorporate the TLMs and also given hand held trainings to use the TLMs in class room.
  • They were also given trainings on making lesson plans and class room management.

 Soon we will send our staff for the necessary follow-ups.

Reported by,
Prosanto Mondal
Supervisor, SWANIRVAR

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Training given by Primary Education Dept, Swanirvar

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Kindly click the following link to get the latest report -on training given to the primary school teachers by the trainers of Swanirvar's Primary Education Department from 2004

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Training given to the SSK teachers of Deganga Block on Mathematics for class-III& IV:

SSK teachers in the Mathematic training 
Date:  08.5.2012 Venue: Dakshin Kaliani SSK  Time: 11 AM to 4.30PMNo of SSKs : 6  ; No of the SSK teachers participated- 18
Back ground:
In 2004, Swanirvar gave major drive to improve the quality teaching in Govt Primary schools.Our initial objective was to identify the innovative teachers and giving trainings to them so that after that there would be a network of innovative teachers. These teachers would impart trainings in future. With our consistent efforts some of the teachers became very efficient and started doing many experiments in their schools.
Hand held training on TLM use.
In August, 2011 some of the innovative teachers who got regular inputs from us and 3 SSK supervisors met with our staff trainer – Prosanto and Gopal. They requested them for training cum workshop on English teaching. They also added that all the teachers met together four times on a month in their monthly meetings, most of the time they attended that meeting and there had administrative discussions but there was no discussion on teachers training and quality improvement of schools. These teachers also persuaded their union-leaders to draw the attentions of the higher officials. On September, 2011 Gopal and Prosnato sit with the – BDO, Deganga, Shiksha Karmadhakya (people’s representative in charge of Education), Samity Education Officer, 3 SSK Super visors, Teacher’s- Union leaders and it was decided that all the SSK teachers would get trainings from us and also Swanirvar would do regular follow up and monitoring in those schools. English Training was given to 60 SSK Teachers on 15th September, 2011 and 28th September, 2011 for the classes I &II.
After these trainings our trainers Julkalam , Gopal and others went for follow up visits. Their main intension was to access the changes in Classroom management, trainings, pedagogy etc after the trainings.
They found the following changes in the SSKs:
·         One of the teachers from each school participated in the two day English Training session. She shared her learning to others.
·         Though the English training was for the students of class I&II, some of the teachers who took classes only in Class-III & IV were unable implement their learning in the classes. They requested their school authority / supervisor so that they could teach English for the students of class-I & II.
·         Presently the students were using more social languages and instructions in the classrooms.  
·         A few teachers found very innovative during the training session/ TLM workshops and were encouraged to develop new TLMs by our supervisors and trainers. Some of them had developed interesting TLMs and had applied them in the classes.
Recently Govt of West Bengal had changed the syllabus of class –I to IV. All the schools had received new books. Most of the SSK teachers told us that new Mathematics books for class-III & IV were very hard for the students. They also were facing many problems to give lessons from those books. They also requested us to organize a TLM workshop as they did not have any TLMs which could be used along with new books.
  • ·         They could not properly use of Carry over on Subtraction.
  • ·         Some problem to use of Numta / numeric table
  • ·         The concept of LCF and HCF were not clear to some the teachers.
  • ·         Some problem to understand prime and Compound numbers
  • ·         The concept of factor  was not clear

On 8th May, 2012 a workshop on Mathematic for class –III & IV was organized at the Dakshin Kaliani SSK . 18 teachers from 6 SSKs were participated. They were given extensive trainings on – LCF, HCF, Table, Prime & Compound no, factors, subtraction, addition etc. They were given hand held training to use TLMs in the classroom. At the end of the trainings the teachers requested us to organize a TLM workshop so that they could make TLMs for their schools. The teachers were amazed with the trainings and also bear the Tiffin expenses by their own. Some of the teachers expressed that it was the first time in their service life that they were taking trainings on a Govt holiday (8th May was holiday in West Bengal) and also bearing the training cost from their own pocket. We are also looking for a positive outcome form that training.   
Our trainer, Julkalam and Gopal were regularly visiting these schools and assisting the trained teachers in implementing the methodology/ techniques in the classroom. 

Reported by:
Sri Prosanto Mondal