Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cross review visit 2010-11

Last year, 17 Govt. teachers came for a peer review process to see what we are doing in our schools and they were highly pleased and praised us. This year 25 SSK teachers, 35 NGO-teachers and 6 Govt. teachers came to visit our primary schools as well as some of our partner Govt. schools where we are continuously providing our inputs in the form trainings, workshops and seminars. They took extensive notes and gave their opinions in the meeting on the classroom management and pedagogy (Bengali, Maths, English and EVS).They saw group works, classroom management, use of TLMs, teacher’s work plans, assembly, children’s committees and their roles, l village maps making and question-answer sessions.
          This year, 112 teachers and officials from Govt Primary, SSK and NGO ( BSSK, South 24 Parganas, Pradan, Purulia, Goal funded Right Track) run Schools came to visit Swanirvar’s schools.
           After visiting the schools they all sat together at Swanirvar to discuss everything they had seen. They also discussed all family and school relationships, teacher’s attitude towards weak children and classroom management. The visiting teachers suggested for some changes and praised this new system. Two of them wanted to implement the Swanirvar’s process in their own schools.

Reported By,
Prosanto Mondal,
Supervisor, Swanirvar

Friday, February 25, 2011

Field Trip to Taragunia Mintu Park,Baduria 2010-11

        The Field Trip is an important annual event in Swanirvar schools. Every year both teachers and students sit together to discuss where they would go for their field visit. They discussed about the group works that the students would carry out at that trip. This year they decided that the students of class I&II would visit their local area and the students of class III &IV would visit Taragunia Mintu Park .The visiting places are mentioned below. So, 382 students of our schools visited Taragunia Mintu Park, Rudrapur Park and Gangarati Bill with their teachers.
        The students of Class I& II (from Andharmanik and Chandalati schools) went to Rudrapur Park and Gangerati respectively. There they played sports games for about one and a half hours. After that they made charts showing living and non-living things, diesel cars and petrol cars, the collection and analysis of leaves and floating and sinking things. Next the students drew group pictures following a discussion among the group members. The students (I &II) of Fatullapur went to Taragunia Mintu Park and did the same work.
        The students (III and IV) of all the above villages and Matia went to Taragunia mintu Park. They enjoyed the swings, slides, a small zoo and the boating pond. They visited an interesting museum in the park. Then they drew different types of pictures.
Lastly they took a delicious picnic lunch at the Park.After that they were busy chatting among themselves and explored the Park one more time before returning home.   

Reported by,
Prosanto Mondal,
Primary Supervisor.