Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Field visit of the SEO by SIPRD at Swanirvar

SIPRD team at Baduria Police Station

On 13th Feb, 14 State Institute of Panchayat and Rural Development (SIPRD) sent 21 Samity Education Officers (SEO) in a field training to the schools where Swanirvar gave regular inputs. Suparna Ganguly of SIPRD coordinated the entire programme. They visited PRAYAS, the child care centre run by Baduria Police Station in collaboration with Swanirvar. They (SEO) were given basic orientations on how Swanirvar was working with the dropouts and vulnerable children. They also learnt how ‘sound and music’ could be used to motivate them. They also met police officials and some parents.
After that, they visited Jasaikati FP School and saw how the childrens were using TLMs, doing group activities, continuous evaluation, activities of the children committees , class room decoration, hand held experiments, group discussion etc. They also met teachers and got ideas how they got benefited from Swanirvar’s interventions.
Then they visited a school at Magurkhali and saw the sahitya sabha, school friendship, different children committees etc. At the end, there was an experience sharing session at Swanirvar office. They discussed the basic situations of Govt primary schools in their areas and we also discussed how the situation could be improved and how we could help them. There was a session on TLMs development and its use. The SEOs also invited us for conducting training programmes for the Govt Teachers in their Blocks.
Reported by,
Prosanto Mondal 

Sound & Music in Baduria PS School
SIPRD visit in Govt School