Friday, January 31, 2014

Samiti Education Officers visit to Govt Primary schools of Deganga and Baduria

Smt. Suparna Ganguly , the Course-Coordinator, SIPRD with Govt Teachers.

SSK supervisor, Mukti Chowdhury and SSk Sahayikas, Mira Halder & Dilara Khatun in Q/A session with SEOs
On 30th January, 14, a team of Samiti Education Officer (Block Education Officer of West Bengal- from 4 district of West Bengal) came to visit Purba Chandana SSK school of Deganga Block and Laxminathpur FP School of Baduria Block for practical orientations on “Community Participation and Mobilization towards universalization of Elementary Education”. The exposure trip was conducted by State Institute of Panchayat and Rural Development (SIPRD),
Kalyani  ; Nadia and was cooperated by Smt. Suparna Ganguly , the Course-Coordinator.SIPRD.
They saw how Swanirvar staffs were giving inputs and made these rural institutions as model institutions. They were given orientations on the followings:
Ø  Use of Teaching Learning Materials and group activities in Classroom
Ø  Sahitya Shaba in schools managed/ organized by the children committee
Ø  Parents meeting, different children committees, school friendship programme. Community involvement  

      Before their trip they informed the local Block Development Officers and Swanirvar. This was the 1st time a team Govt. Officials leaded by education officials visited the vulnerable SSK schools of Deganga were Swanirvar was giving regular inputs from 2011. They also realized the changes of attitudes of both the teacher and students after our trainings and also observed the effectiveness of innovative TLMs in studies. They also expressed their concern on the proper training for the Teachers working in SSKs and ICDS.  
Data collection and Q/A with teachers and SSK supervisors
Data Collection

Sahitya Sabha & children committees

Experience sharing with Govt teachers and learning how Swanirvar is working to strengthen Govt institutions 
Reported by,

Shyama Prasad Mitra

Sr, Trainer, Swanirvar

Monday, January 27, 2014


9th Jan, 2014, PRAYASH, an initiative to main streaming the child labours working in brick kiln and adult literacy centre in collaboration with Baduria police station was inaugurated by Sri Tanmoy Roy Chowdhury, Superintend of Police, North 24 Parganas District. Last two months we did extensive door to door survey to identify the dropouts and underprivileged children and illiterate adults.  The centre was opened for the public on 9th Jan, 14 by the SP, north 24 Parganas, Mr. Dipankar Bhattacharyya, the Chairman Baduria Municipality, Block Development Officer, Baduria Block, Sub-Divisional Police Officer, Mr. Avijit Banerjee, OC Baduria PS, Mr. Kollol Ghosh, Councilors of Baduria Municipality, Block Education Officials, Eminent Educationist, representatives from Different Political parties, many Govt Primary School teachers, Swanirvar staff,  guardians of the children were also present in that programme.
The school was inaugurated with the illumination of lamp by the SP, North 24 Parganas. After that there was a small cultural programme by the children. 30 students of PRAYASH perform a chorus and at the end they perform a short drama.
This event got huge media coverage by local print and TV media.

The school is running smoothly from 10th Jan, 14. So far 30 students were coming to the school on regular basis. The school became very popular in Baduria Market area. Every day, some new children were enrolled in this centre. One of our major focus was to involve the local politicians and Govt teacher to persuade the guardians to send their dropout children to this centre.
This school celebrated two special days on 23rd Jan- Netaji’s birth day and 26th Jan- Republic day with the police force in the police station premises. The students sing patriotic songs ( Chorus) and did the parade.  

Reported by,
Biswanath Roy,  T: 8145270884

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Successful Mathematics Teachers Network:

TLM Workshop at Swanirvar

            Secondary Education department (KKB) of Swanirvar started giving regular inputs to High Schools from 2006. At that time we were mostly focused on hand held experiment based teaching in Environment science. Gradually, our works with the students got well recognized and we felt a need to build a forum with the innovative teachers. Presently we give regular inputs to 12 Govt High Schools and part time inputs to 51 High Schools. One of our objectives was to make subject wise teachers network with the innovative, dynamic teachers who would share their experiences and innovative activities with others, more over they would give hand held orientations to the other teachers from different schools. Gradually the subject teacher’s networks were established on the following subjects – Work education, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Bengali.
            In 2009, 6 mathematics teachers from 6 different schools visited Swanirvar and they met our resource person, Swathi Sircar. They had vivid discussion on the following issues – How to run the Network, its planning and strategies, future programmes, ownership etc. From 2009 -13 many new teachers joined in that network and there were 12 interactive trainings cum workshops with the teachers who took Mathematics class in their schools. A lot of tools and TLMs ( teaching learning materials)  were developed and were successfully used in the classes.

            In 2013, Swathi joined in an University and left West Bengal. In her absence, the teachers sit for a meeting on 12th Nov, 13. There they decided to keep the network alive and the some network members, Sujit Biswas, Bidyut Mazumder, Jahurul Haque, Kamaruzzaman, Jinnal Ali and Asadizzaman took challenging roles to continue its activities. On 7th Jan, 14 they organized a meeting cum workshop at Swanirvar campus (in collaboration with Swanirvar), they made a number of TLMs for the class V based on the new syllabus that was being effective from Jan, 14. The next workshop will be held on 28th Jan, 14 for making TLMs for the students of class VI.      
            Their activities and dedication for the qualitative improvements of Mathematics teaching had inspired many teachers and many new teachers from different schools visiting Swanirvar and to the schools where these TLMs were being used on regular basis. Recently, a few teachers from Gopalchalk Sorojini High School , East Medinipur visited Swanirvar and meet them.
Reported by,
Samir Biswas

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


1.      Nandipara SSK school was established in 2002, this is under Berachampa-I gram Panchayat of Deganga Block of North 24 Parganas district.
2.      121 students (class-I –IV) come from the Muslim and schedule caste families. Most of their parents are peasant, small businessman and landless labour.
3.      Most of the children are first generation learners.

Swanirvar’s interventions since 2011:
1.      All the 4 Sahayikas (teachers) got trainings from us. They got trainings on – Bengali, English, Art & Crafts for class-I & II and Mathematics for class I – IV.
2.      Teaching Learning Workshops with Teachers and resource parents.
3.      Inputs in parents meetings.
4.      Classroom inputs – Subjective and creative like Art & crafts, origami etc.
5.      Motivating Children committees, class room decoration, waste management, special day celebration etc
6.      Special trainings on dance, drama etc

Success Story:
            Now many schools in Deagnaga Block have active children committees and the students are doing many innovative activities in the schools. This was reflected in the last assessment report of Deganga block in Nov, 2013.
            Nandipara SSK is one of the SSK schools in Deganga block and mostly minority students come there. Most of their parents are poor peasant and indifferent about their children’s activities in schools. In November, 13 the children committees proposed us for organizing a Sahitya Sabha in their school. The class teachers were in a dilemma and their told us that they were also happy with that proposal but they also expressed their doubt about the caliber of children to perform. But we encouraged the children to organize the Sahitya Sabha. 42 Students (7 students- recitation, 16 students – group dance, 2 students – extempore, 17 Students – drama) were selected for different activities for the cultural fests – Sahitya Sabha.
            The students started their rehearsal at the end of the school hours and Swanirvar staff, Julkalam Ali, Biswanath Roy and Prosanto Mondal gave the necessary trainings and guidance to them. Gradually many parents came to the rehearsal and more the headmistress, Arati Ghosal took interest and also played a role in the drama show. 
            On 4th December, 13 the Sahitya Sabha was organized. More than 100 parents and villagers, Nilangshu Gain, Coordinator, Swanirvar, Two SSK supervisors of Deganga Block, Anima Mondal and Rina Bai Talukdar, Deep Ranjani Rai, of VIBHA were present in the progranmme. The programme was very successful and it was the first time such a cultural programem was organized in the entire village. The villagers were so happy and they came to the school after the programme and expressed their gratitude to the school teachers. According to them, they thought that the rights to learn cultural activities were only to the children coming from the rich and affluent families but they were astonished to see that their grand children could do so. They also proposed for financial contribution for the next sahitya sabha. They also feel very excited as they were illiterate but their grand children were now going to schools and opting for a better tomorrow. 

Reported by,
Biswanath Roy, Swanirvar