Thursday, November 1, 2012


Head Master of Piyara T H.S. performing with the students
       Swanirvar staff are now taking environment classes in 10 Govt High Schools and they also give various input in more than 30 Govt. High Schools. We also run innovative teachers NETWORKs with Mathematic, English and Work Education teachers. Beside the hand holding experiments in science and EVS we also encourage students on extracurricular activities like singing, dances, drama, amusing games, quiz, recitation, debates, extempore, etc. Most of the schools did not have any session/class on extracurricular activities. There are some innovative and enthusiastic teachers who had some skills but did not get any scope to introduce these in the class. One of our staff- musicians, Mr. Sakatulya Mondal selected 5 Govt schools - Pearah Tegharia High School, Kumudini Girls’high School, Maheshpur High School, Mandra High School and Keotsha High School and started music classes in the above institutions after the school hour. Presently, 859 students from 5 Govt High schools are now learning music (singing and playing Harmonium) from him. Some of the students who are not so good in their studies but doing excellent in the music classes. Moreover, they got the opportunities to perform in the school functions, sports day and also on special day’s celebration. Teachers who are interested in music and those who could sing or play musical instruments joining in these classes. They also are performing along with students in school programmes.
Scan of Photos in News paper report.
       Recently an open stage was built in the campus of Pearah Tegharia High School. One retired teacher, Mr. Subal Chandra Biswas donated money to make that stage. Mr. Biswas who was famous for his patronization in folk culture in the villages dies in a road accident. The stage was named as "Subal Biswas Smriti Mancha" and was inaugurated on 5th October, 2012. The student of Pearah Tegharia School who learnt music from Mr. Sakatulya performed  on that occasion. This report was published in no. 1 Bengali News Paper on 6th Oct, 2012 along with their photograph.

Reported by,
KKB Team, Swanirvar  


Using Rain Gauge
        Swanirvar staff was taking environmental science class in Jakir Hossain High School from 2003. Beside the regular bookish text we also introduced many hand held activities like- dustbin making and using dustbin in the classroom, segregation of waste, different surveys and data collection and data analysis, making different science models etc. With the help of our donor, AID BAY AREA, United State we gave maximum and minimum thermometer to the Govt schools and Jakir Hossain School also got one such thermometer. We also gave the students an orientation to note down the maximum and minimum temperature and also learnt them to keep the record on daily basis. The students of class VI were given the responsibility to keep the record and they did this with great enthusiasm.
Weather Information Board
        The enthusiasm of the students also moved the Geography teacher of the school. Mrs. Manashi Pramanik, Geography teacher purchased a hygrometer  and presented that hygrometer to the students of class VII. Last year, Swanirvar also donated a rain gauge to the school with the financial assistance from AID Bay Area, US. Then the students of VI, VII and IX were given responsibilities to measure daily temperature, humidity and rainfall respectively. To more teachers, Goutam Nath and Asit Mondal along with Mrs. Pramanik had made a small team of students and gave them practical orientations on – to collect the data, calculating minimum and maximum temperature, making charts and graphs and also taught them how to make charts and graphs from the collected database. With that extended large database they also were finding out the impact of climate change and its direct link upon the production of local crops and vegetables. They publishing their findings on the notice boards and also putting weekly weather forecast bulletin in the notice board.

Reported by:
KKB team, Swanirvar