Thursday, March 27, 2014


We started giving inputs to 60 SSK schools at Deganga Block from 2008-09. From 2008-09 to 2010-11, we gave part time inputs to these schools. But in Nov, 2012, we sit with Block Education Officials. Special Education Officer, SSK supervisors and Shiksha Karmadhakya. They gave us responsibilities for quality development of these 60 SSKs. So far (From April, 2013 to March, 2014) we gave the following trainings:

Total Trainings: 117
No of Teacher Participated: 332
Total student benefited: 8640

We also organized more than 51 TLM workshops with the innovative teachers and 518 qualified enthusiastic parents in 51 Govt Schools: The teachers and parents made lots of TLMs and they also got trainings on TLMs use in the classrooms and Classroom management. So far 2146 students used these TLMs in homes as well as in classrooms.
Changes after the trainings:
1.      A few innovative and motivated teachers;
2.      Interactive teaching; action rhymes, story-telling, joyful learning methods have been introduced
3.      Lots of TLMs use in all the SSK schools. 
4.      Group works and individual works
5.      Different sitting arrangements in classrooms as per the choice of the teachers and TLMs use.
6.      Active children committee; Friendship programme, Special days , Sahitya Sabha; Art & Craft
7.      Proper lesson plan; Arranging TLMs and proper classroom management.
8.      Community participation in School Management.

In Sept, 2013, a committee was formed to assess the impacts of the trainings consisting of  3 SSK supervisors, Special education Officer, Prosanto Mandal, supervisor, Primary Education Department, Julkalam Ali, Sr. Trainer, Swanirvar. They visited schools and made the assessment. They found the followings:
·         All the schools were celebrating special days, Rakhi utsab, Sahitya Sabha etc
·         60% schools did the continuous evaluation
·         Almost 80% schools using TLMs and interactive teachings methods.
·         The teachers managing schools efficiently.
·         Some of the teachers doing excel in schools.
·         20% schools overall progress were not satisfactory.
·         20% teachers were not following the trainings methodology, they need special orientations.
·         20% schools had not involved the community in school management.

Recommendation for the academic session 2014-15 by the committee: 
·         All the schools should continue the cultural activities- like Rakhi, Sathya sabha etc
·         There would me need based TLM workshops
·         21 Schools had been identified and there would be parents meeting, workshop, friendship programme, active children committee, Assemble etc
·         Special trainings for these 21 schools – Subject wise trainings ; Teachers development trainings
·         A special TOT for the interactive innovative teachers.
Recognition by the Govt.:
·         Our TLMs are now extensively used by the Govt schools. They are paying little amount from their own fund for these TLMs.
On 30th January and 13th Feb, 14 State Institute of Panchayat and Rural Development (SIPRD) sent 53 Samity Education Officers (SEO) in two batches in field training to the schools where Swanirvar gave regular inputs. They have visited few SSK schools and they also invited us to start the similar interventions in their Blocks. Soon we are planning to extend our models in few blocks.