Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Training (phase-I) given to the teachers of Narayantala Mass communication Society:

Interactive word making session
Narayantala Mass Communication Society (NMCS) is a Kolkata based Non-profit organization. NMCS’s mandate is to ensure the overall development of the downtrodden underprivileged section of our society in the area of - Reproductive Child health, Sexual Health, Women Empowerment, Basic Education, Child welfare and sustainable agriculture development. Narayantala Mass Communication Society (NMCS) has been working for quite some time with the migrant laborers in the brick kilns of North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. Save the Children has been supporting their efforts to improve the status of the Children, and ensuring their basic Rights for Education working in 30 Brick Kilns.

They had already sent their teachers for two trainings from two different NGOs. Recently they met another organization, Right Track who is doing similar kind of interventions with the down trodden children of slum areas. Right Track had taken trainings from us and now doing excellent works. They had found our training are more specific and object oriented. They got our contact from them. After brief communication, we send our staff on 11th September, 12 for a pre-training visit to their centre at Boyalghata, North 24 Parganas. We found that there were children from different places of West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar and some are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. Most of them were dropouts (>95%) and parents were not interested to send their kids to schools. They did not have any permanent classroom or such place; they sit in a temporary tent in the corner of the brick kilns. These centres had no Teaching Learning Materials (TLMs) to use in the classroom. But we found that the teachers were enthusiastic and had enough empathy for these underprivileged. Returning from the project area, we made a need based curriculum for them.

The three days Phase-I( for class-I & II) training was given from 21st Sept to 23rd Sept, 12. One supervisor, one assistant coordinator, coordinator, and 27 teachers (all women) participated in that training session. They were given hand help trainings on TLMs making and also was taught how to use the TLMs. They were given trainings on Bengali, Mathematics, Environmental science, Arts & Crafts. They were given ideas on student management and time based segregation of curriculum. There was session on games and action rhymes, music so that the students become more active in the classes.

Soon we will send our staff for a follow up visit and he will also observe how they are actually implementing techniques in the classroom.

Reported by, Prosanto Mondal, 9732829202