Saturday, April 5, 2014

Exposure visit by NGO staff to see our development models

Visitors meeting the math teachers and TLM use

On 10th Jan, 14 ten NGO( Kajla Jana Kalyan Samity) staff from East Midnapore visited Swanirvar to see our intervention in govt Schools and rural youths. They attended in an English Teachers Network Meeting cum  workshop and observed how we were running these types of workshops with the innovative dynamic local High school teachers.
On 11th Jan, 14 they visited Media High Schools and met different teachers who came to Swanirvar for such different networks. These visitors works in an experimental High school run by the NGO. They also observed how the students run different children committees, library, seed banks, notice boards, science models, maintaining resource centres and other activities. They also met the Head Master of Media High School and other assistant teachers and discussed how a Govt school and NGO could run a joint programme and how Swanirvar was giving inputs and benefiting the students.
On 12th Jan, 14 they visited one of our project villages in Kolsur GP. They met our youth groups and exchanged ideas. They also got hand held exposure on anti superstition show.
Gradually we are trying to spread our models through various means.
Students demonstrating village map

Use of chart posters
Reported by,
Sourendra Nath Sen
KKB Dept, Swanirvar