Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A radical change of a teacher after taking training from us

       In June, 2010, 32 govt teachers of Baikuntapur Maipit Gram Panchayat took Phase-I training from us. This training session was based on Bengali and Mathematics for class-I&II. There was also a special session on Art& Craft. The entire programme was sponsored by the Baikuntapur Sishu Seva Kendra( BSSK), of Kultali Block under South 24 Parganas. These trainee teachers also came for a pre training exposure in Swanirvar in December, 2009. In that visit, the teachers were taken to 3 of our own Primary schools and also taken to 2 of our grade A Govt. primary schools. They learnt the use of TLMs in the class rooms and group activities and overall classroom management.
      Manash Maity, a govt teacher of Binodpur Baikuntapur FP School came with them and he was excited after the exposure visit. During their return journey, he purchased a lot of card boards from Kolkata and made many TLMs after returning back to his school.
Later, he also joined in the 3 days phase-I training programe at BSSK (in June,2010) and got practical training on TLM making and also learnt its utility. After learning these, he persuaded his colleagues about the necessity of group work and TLM use in the classrooms. He and two other govt teachers and two volunteers made a number of TLMs for class-I&II. They made TLMs on Bengali and Mathematics and English. They are mow regularly using TLMs in their classroom. They also made TLMs from Jute sticks, bamboo sticks and clay which are very cheap and locally available.
       The headmaster (principal) of that institution was so impressed that he had allotted funds for buying some other models. Now they have max-min thermometer, microscope, human skeleton etc in their schools. Mr. Maity maintains regular contact with our training team and has become one of the most popular teacher in that Kultali south circle .